Family Law And Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce or child custody dispute can be a draining experience, both financially and emotionally. You may feel like the most important aspects of your life are up in the air. Facing these uncertainties can be challenging.

At the law firm of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, we strive to lighten your burdens by taking care of the legal complexities of your family situation. With our attorney as your advocate and adviser, you can focus on the difficult transitions and healing that need to take place instead of remaining overwhelmed with legal questions.

Providing Peace Of Mind Through Step-By-Step Guidance

Our firm's founder and lawyer, Betsy A. Fischer, devotes her practice almost exclusively to family law. Her experience in the field extends back more than 20 years. She is not only a skilled trial attorney and strong negotiator, but also a qualified domestic and juvenile mediator.

Whether your case proceeds in a collaborative direction or turns into a full-fledged court dispute, you can rely on our firm to protect your interests. We will walk you through the process step by step. You can find peace of mind knowing an experienced family law attorney is looking out for you with care and attention.

As the author of a recently published book Divorce in Louisiana: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect, Ms. Fischer literally wrote the book on the nuances of divorce law in Louisiana.

Our firm also provides knowledgeable guidance on elder law, an area that frequently overlaps with family law.

Real-World Advice

While the legalities of a family law case often take center stage, there are many practical considerations involved in divorce, child custody and adoption cases. It is your lawyer's job to alert you to these considerations. Beyond merely providing an academic perspective on the nuances of family law, your attorney should also walk you through how legal decisions can impact your life on a large-scale or day-to-day level.

At our firm, you will find exactly this type of guidance. Our lawyer has valuable insight — rooted in experience — into the financial, relational, logistical and emotional ramifications of critical legal decisions. She can give you a well-rounded, real-world perspective on what to expect. Armed with this knowledge, you can feel confident that you are making wise and informed decisions on how to proceed.

Serving Metairie And Surrounding Areas

Learn more by contacting our office online or by phone at 504-541-6999. Based in Metairie, we handle divorce and family law cases throughout the Greater New Orleans area. We offer discounted flat-rate fees for uncontested divorce cases.