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Divorce petition filed by Andruw Jones' wife

Recently, some divorce news has arisen regarding the professional baseball player Andruw Jones. Jones has played for several MLB teams (he spent the bulk of his MLB career with the Atlanta Braves) and is currently signed with a team in Japan's Pacific League. It has recently been reported that Jones' wife has filed for a divorce from Jones.

Jones and his wife got married ten years ago. On Dec. 31, Jones' wife filed a divorce petition. This was about a week after an alleged incident of domestic violence by Jones against his wife.

The divorce filing was made in a court in Georgia. In the petition, Jones' wife stated that the couple's marriage is "irretrievably broken."

Many issues can arise in connection to a divorce.

One such issue is child custody. Jones and his wife have one child, a 9-year-old son. In her divorce petition, Jones' wife made a request regarding child custody. Specifically, she has asked that she be granted primary custody of the child. She has also asked for child support.

Another issue that can arise in connection to a divorce is property division. Sometimes, couples will reach a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married which sets terms regarding how property will be divided between the couple in the event of a divorce. Jones and his wife have a prenuptial agreement. However, in her divorce petition, Jones' wife has asked that this prenuptial agreement be declared null and void and that the couple's property be split 50/50. The article on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's website which reported this story did not mention what specific grounds Jones' wife is basing her request to void the prenuptial agreement on.

As this case underscores, many important issues can come up in connection to a divorce. Divorce-related issues, such as child custody and property division, can have many complicated aspects. Thus, having a strong advocate on one's side can be very important when one is going through a divorce.

Source: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "Wife of ex-Brave Andruw Jones files for divorce," Kate Brumback, Jan. 2, 2013

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