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5 Things You Should Do If Your Spouse Threatens To Divorce You

The word divorce is shocking and hurtful. When used in an argument, it is a word that can fly in anger. If your spouse threatens to divorce you, how you react and the next steps you take are important for moving forward. 

A spouse that threatens divorce may do so for a variety of reasons. There is generally no joke behind your spouse’s use of the word, and heading toward possibly ending your marriage is no laughing matter. 

As a Louisiana family lawyer, Betsy A. Fischer, LLC understands how to negotiate a fair settlement. If necessary, Ms. Fischer has the skills needed to present your case in court. She serves the Greater New Orleans area, and she stands ready to assist you. 

If your spouse used a word you never thought possible — the following five steps are things you can do to move forward; either with your spouse or alone:

1. Take a Deep Breath: It is often during the heat of an argument that the word divorce emerges. The very sound of the word can stop you cold as it is something you never expected to hear from your spouse.

A time-out for you and your spouse can help you both calm down. The time immediately following your argument can indicate if your spouse is willing to talk, open to airing their concerns, or whether they shut down and walk away.

2. Reflect on Your Marriage: A threat of divorce typically masks an underlying issue in the marriage. The everyday demands of your household, a career, and other life stresses can divert your attention from your marriage. 

The threat of divorce can serve as a wake-up call, and it calls for a reflection of possible missed signs of unhappiness.  Experts list the following as common types of marital issues that can result in a threat of divorce:

  • Infidelity 
  • Communication issues
  • Financial challenges
  • Substance abuse
  • Parenting differences

Anger, fear, and unspoken resentment can reach a boiling point. Recognizing the cracks in your marriage —whether from overtime or due to new problems —is the first step to deciding whether to fight or to move on. 

3.  Decide if Therapy is For You: A divorce is a permanent life change. It is a difficult process, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. It is especially challenging with children involved.

Addressing your marital issues in therapy only works if both parties commit to working on the marriage. There is no quick fix to your relationship; however, seeking therapy can help you determine if there is hope for your marriage. 

A therapist can help you both see the issues that need addressing, and if, in fact, your marriage is fixable. If therapy fails to provide comfort or solutions, Betsy A. Fischer, LLC can help you with the legal process involved with a divorce. 

4. Take the Threat Seriously: A marriage of any length involves a commitment of time, money, energy, and more. The combination and growth of assets couples experience can make the division of assets a lengthy and stressful process.

If your spouse threatened divorce in any context, it is crucial that you take the threat seriously. The use of this powerful word indicates issues that may lead to the end of your marriage. Preparing for that possibility requires action on your part:

  • Breathe
  • Talk with your spouse
  • Decided if therapy is for you
  • Consider talking with a Louisiana divorce attorney to learn your legal options

5. Contact an Attorney to Protect Your Best Interests: Discussing your case with an experienced divorce attorney is helpful for learning more about your options if your spouse files for divorce. Protecting your best interests in a divorce is not selfish but rather a wise move for your future. 

If your spouse does not file, you may decide to file for divorce yourself. Regardless of who files for divorce, seeking legal representation is vital for defending and safeguarding your portion of the marital assets. While there is no way to predict the outcome of your divorce, an attorney by your side can ease your mind as they guide you through the divorce process. 

Betsy A. Fischer, LLC: Helping Louisiana Spouses Facing Divorce

Divorce is never easy. Whether contested or uncontested, it still results in the permanent closure of an important chapter in your life. Betsy A. Fischer, LLC understands the emotions and challenges faced in a divorce. 

Divorce is a complex issue, and the outcome of your divorce depends upon a variety of factors, including:

  • Division of property, such as a home and/or business
  • Child custody issues
  • Alimony
  • Military divorce
  • Post-divorce adjustments

These are just a few examples of the types of topics that may arise during your divorce. The details of your divorce play an important role in how a lawyer will proceed on your behalf. 

With more than 20 years of family law experience, Betsy A. Fischer, LLC stands ready to help you. A discounted, flat-fee is available for those with an uncontested divorce. For those facing an uncontested divorce, strong legal representation is priceless.

The impact of divorce on your life is unavoidable. Betsy A. Fischer, LLC works hard to lessen her clients’ impact, from young families with children to those seeking a divorce later in life. 

Communication with her clients is at the core of the firm’s quality customer service. Our friendly staff acknowledges that this is a time of anxiety and uncertainty — and that you have questions and concerns. We strive to provide the information you seek promptly. 

Preparing your case takes time. The sooner you contact Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, the faster her firm can get to work for you. If you are facing a divorce, contact us online or call 504-780-8232 today. 

You do not have to handle the details of your divorce alone. While a divorce may signal the end of your marriage, protecting your best interests can help you prepare for a brighter future. 

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