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5 Tips to Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

If you face a divorce, finding the right lawyer to represent you is vital for protecting your best interests. No matter who seeks to terminate the marriage, a divorce is a highly emotional and potentially financially damaging life event. The following 5 tips for finding the right divorce lawyer serve as a guide as you start your new life journey.

1.   Consider Your Specific Divorce Issues 

A divorce is a time of great uncertainty.  Take a moment to breathe and develop a list of your top concerns. Decisions regarding the division of property, child support, and other important factors require strong legal representation. 

These and other decisions you face may cause you anxiety. In addition to your list of concerns, list what you hope to find in a lawyer. Compassion, experience, and responsiveness are a few examples to help you build your list of needs. 

2.  Seek Advice From Divorced Friends and Family

Just as no one marriage is alike, no divorce is the same; however, seek advice from friends and family members. Those who experienced divorce may feel comfortable sharing their experiences with a certain divorce lawyer. 

Support from others can ease your mind as you narrow down your list of potential divorce lawyers. A similar divorce issue — like that of child custody — can possibly lead a friend to recommend the right Louisiana family law attorney for you.  Choosing the right lawyer for your needs is one of the most important decisions you will make during the divorce process.  The ultimate decision is yours; however, seeking the advice of others can help guide you. 

3.  Read Reviews

Online reviews are sometimes helpful in finding services, like that of legal representation. While reviewing the experiences of others, however, it is important to remember that reviews only tell a part of a story. 

Use reviews carefully to gauge your decision of the best lawyer for your divorce. Review what people liked or did not like about their experience and weigh the information with your specific needs.

By balancing this tip with the others contained within this list, you can feel more at ease about securing the lawyer you want to represent you. 

4. Reputation Matters

From large cities to the suburbs, a professional family lawyer’s reputation matters. A bad reputation can spell difficulty and additional stress for you — something you do not need during your divorce. 

Signs of a bad reputation can include such things as:

  • Negative online reviews
  • Troubling news reports
  • Issues with their license or a bar association
  • Legal action against them

If something appears as a red flag, take it as a warning sign and avoid the potential danger. Your divorce is challenging enough without the drama or problems associated with a troubled lawyer. 

Look for more positive signs like that of a lawyer who is highly rated online and who is active within the community. A proactive lawyer rather than one facing their own challenges is the type of lawyer necessary for your divorce. 

5. Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

Taking the first step toward hiring a lawyer is sometimes scary. The changes a divorce brings to your life can overwhelm you, and contacting a lawyer may frighten you. 

It is important to remember that hiring a lawyer to protect your best interests helps you. The knowledge that someone is on your side during this stressful time can ease some of your stress. 

A family lawyer from Betsy A. Fischer, LLC will work hard to ensure that you understand the process. Keeping you informed of the latest developments is just part of the services they provide. 

A free case evaluation allows you to learn more about how a New Orleans family lawyer can help you. The evaluation is a vital first step toward protecting your finances, your right to custody, property division, and other matters common in a divorce. 

Focus on Your Future with Betsy A. Fischer, LLC By Your Side

If you face a divorce, you are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. 

While you may never imagine your marriage ending, you do not have to go through your divorce alone. Seek the comfort and advice of friends and family by reaching out for their thoughts regarding Louisiana family lawyers. 

Conduct your own research and schedule a free case evaluation with Betsy A. Fischer, LLC. Our team understands how stressful and emotional a divorce is for everyone, especially children. 

Your lawyer will listen carefully to your concerns and work to secure the best possible outcome of your divorce. A Louisiana divorce is a complex process that is difficult to face alone. With a member of our team by your side, you can rest easier knowing that someone is guarding your best interests. 

Whether your divorce is amicable or not, hiring a family law attorney is a smart idea. The friendliest of divorces can turn unfriendly in an instant. A family lawyer can handle the intricate details of your divorce on your behalf. 

Get Help With Your Louisiana Divorce Today

Finding a family law attorney with whom you feel comfortable is essential for your divorce. At Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, our experience includes helping those in the greater New Orleans area. 

If you face a divorce, seek recommendations from friends, family, and use online reviews carefully.  Trust your gut instincts if a review seems fake or if someone seems insincere.

A Louisiana divorce is typically not a fast process. The sooner you reach out to us, the faster we can get to work for you. We offer the legal services you need to face this major life transition; however, we need time to review and prepare your case. 

Reviews and the advice of others are helpful — to a point. Your decision comes down to selecting the law firm with whom you feel most comfortable. To discover if that is us, contact us today for your free case evaluation. 

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