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Adoption In Louisiana

Many couples and individuals wish to be able to adopt a child in Louisiana, either privately or through the state’s foster care system. Adoption, in which the couple or individual who adopt establish the legal and social rights normally enjoyed by parents, is a sometimes difficult process.

In order to adopt a child in Louisiana, people must be certified to be able to adopt, especially if the child to be adopted is coming from the state’s foster care system. Certification to adopt will also certify the person or couple to be foster parents if they wish to do so.

To qualify, prospective parents must attend an orientation and complete an application. Each applicant as well as any other adult residing in the home must submit fingerprints for criminal background checks. Applicants and their spouses must attend all required pre-service training, which consists of attending seven three-hour long training classes. While they are going through training, caseworkers will conduct home visits, interviews, a fire and safety inspection of the home and more paperwork. Finally, the agency will place a child or children with the applicants who pass the certification process according to their preferences.

When someone desires to adopt a child, he or she may benefit by getting the help of a family law attorney who has experience in adoption cases. Adoption can be complicated, but it also can be rewarding. Whether a person wishes to adopt a child privately or to adopt a child out of the state’s foster care system, being able to provide a home to a child who otherwise would not have one is an important role in society.

Source: Department of Children and Family Services, “Foster/Adoptive Parenting Common Questions“, October 30, 2014

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