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Adoption Scams In Louisiana

Deciding to adopt a child can be a happy occasion for Louisiana couples. However, there are those who are determined to scam potential adopters out of money or into taking a child they cannot properly care for by misrepresenting the child or by failing to follow regulated adoption procedures. Every potential adopter should be aware of particular red flags that could indicate adoption fraud.

There are two types of parties that may try to scam potential adopters: adoption agencies and birth parents. Unregulated agencies, for example, may charge excessive fees for their services or charge for services that they never follow through with. Facilitators may fail to bring together an adoptive family with the child or the birth parents, or they may fail to disclose if the child has mental or physical disabilities. Birth parents may agree to the adoption of their unborn children in return for payment of the fees associated with pregnancy without ever handing the child over. In some cases, a woman who is not pregnant may ask for money in return for a non-existent child.

Any adoption scam may have red flags that can clue adopters in that something is not quite right. Agencies or birth parents may refuse to return calls or emails, may refer to the child as already belonging to the adopters prior to the finalization of the adoption or may ask to pay for birth expenses. Additionally, they may also make guarantees about how fast the adoption can be legalized.

An adoption attorney may assist the adoptive parents by watching for any red flags and by ensuring that the agency or facilitator that their client is working with is being properly regulated. If the adopter was involved in a scam, the attorney may assist with pursuing available remedies.

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