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Benefits of a Covenant Marriage in Louisiana

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Louisiana, Arizona, and Arkansas are the only three states in the United States where covenant marriage agreements exist. But what exactly is a covenant marriage and how does it differentiate from a conventional marriage license?

Unlike a standard marriage, both parties interested in a covenant marriage must attend premarital counseling before they tie the knot. Divorces also become more difficult to obtain. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of applying for a covenant marriage and why it may be the right decision for you and your significant other.

Increased Opportunities for Premarital and Marriage Counseling

With the goal of strengthening the institution of marriage in the United States, covenant marriages require mandatory premarital counseling. Premarital counseling allows couples to gain insight into learning valuable skills such as working together as a team, reaching compromises, and treating one another with kindness and respect. Attending counseling before marriage can also help resolve any prior disputes.

Couples may be required to attend marriage counseling before a divorce can be finalized. Marriage counseling preceding a divorce opens a window of opportunity for a couple to rehabilitate their relationship and keep the marriage intact.

Emphasizes the Importance of Keeping Families Together

In part, covenant marriages were designed to keep families together. A couple who enters a covenant marriage agreement is less likely to be granted a divorce because the parameters for divorce differ from a standard marriage. In order for a divorce to be permitted under covenant marriage laws, the petitioning party must prove adultery, imprisonment of their spouse, abuse, addiction, or the couple must have lived separately for at least two years.

Created to Make Divorces Less Frequent

Covenant marriages aim to make divorces less frequent and discourage couples from making hasty decisions. Because couples must live apart for at least two years before being issued a divorce (unless one of the qualifying factors listed above exists), there is more time to reevaluate the marriage and take the necessary steps to reach a healthy resolution and avoid divorce.

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