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Posted on September 6, 2018

How can having a live-in partner hurt my chances of getting custody of my children?

If you are contemplating having your partner live with you, discuss your decision with your attorney first. If you are already living with your partner, let your attorney know right away so that the potential impact on any custody ruling can be assessed.

Your living with someone who is not your spouse may have significant impact on your custody case. However, judges’ opinions of the significance of this factor can vary greatly. Talk promptly and frankly with your lawyer. It will be important for you to look together at many aspects, including the following:

• How the judge assigned to your case views this situation
• Whether your living arrangement is likely to prompt a custody dispute that would not otherwise arise
• How long have you been separated from the parent
• How long you have been in a relationship with your new partner
• The history and nature of the children’s relationship with your partner
• Your future plans with your partner (such as marriage)

Living with a partner may put your custody case at risk. Consider such a decision thoughtfully, taking your lawyer’s advice into consideration.

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