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Posted on December 14, 2018

Your divorce filing is public so even your nosy neighor can look at it.

Documents filed with the court, such as a divorce petition or a final decree of divorce is a matter of public record. Anyone can stop by the courthouse and view the documents that have been filed. So, your nosy neighbor can visit the courthouse and look at your file to see why you and your spouse are getting divorced.

In rare cases, a divorce file may be kept private. This is referred to as being “sealed” or “under seal.” Although parties may sign a consent judgment to seal their record, the judge still has to approve it. The court may not seal the record if there is not a good reason. For example, if a public figure is getting divorced, the court is more likely to seal the record.

When your children are older, they would have the right to look at the documents filed by mom and dad in the divorce.