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Broussard Family First Same-Sex Adoption Family In Louisiana

With all the news about same-sex marriages that has been covered recently, it should come as no surprise that same-sex married couples are finally starting to enjoy some of the same rights as opposite-sex couples. One of these rights has to do with children. In an opposite-sex marriage, listing both the mother and father on a birth certificate is considered the normal standard. For same-sex married couples, listing both parents on the birth certificate is anything but normal and standard. One Broussard family recently became the first same-sex couple in Louisiana to win an intrafamily adoption.

The two women were married in California in 2008. The child was born to one of the women in the marriage. The other woman was the first to hold the boy. In a judgment issued by 15th Judicial District Court Judge Edward Rubin, the 9-year-old boy became the legal son of both women. His birth certificate will have both of the women’s names on it.

The final decree and judgment, which was made of Feb. 5, 2014, is said to be an historic moment. It gives both women the right to act as a parent to the child. They can both make decisions about his medical care and schooling.

There is a chance that the Attorney General will appeal the judgment. The couple already has a case in the appeal system regarding acknowledgment of their marriage by the state of Louisiana. Other same-sex couples are also turning to the court system regarding the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

If you are in a same-sex marriage and dealing with any family law issues, finding out your responsibilities on a federal and state level might help you to determine how to deal with those issues. Seeking the advice of an experienced Louisiana family law attorney might help you to understand the laws.

Source:  TheAdvertiser.com, “Same-sex couple clear adoption hurdle” Jessica Goff, Feb. 13, 2014

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