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Building Your Case for a Parenting Time Modification: How a Family Law Attorney Can Help

Parenting time is a treasured commodity following a divorce. However, as you move on with your life, your desire to modify your parenting time — as established by the court — may increase. Whether you are simply concerned about your child’s current living situation or you seek more time than originally awarded, a Louisiana family law attorney can help. Contact Betsy A. Fischer, LLC today for a free case evaluation

Common Types of Co-Parenting Challenges

Co-parenting is a delicate balance that requires a dedicated focus on what’s best for the child. Unfortunately, far too often, parents put their own desires ahead of what is in the child’s best interest. 

Divorces are emotional for everyone, especially children.  Changes to the family dynamic, including living arrangements, can greatly impact a child and result in behavioral changes as they try to adapt. 

The following are just a few examples of the common types of co-parenting challenges parents face:

  • Residency: The primary residence of the child is a key issue. A change in parenting time or even custody can occur if a parent chooses to relocate to another town, city, or state. 
  • Education: Where the child resides affects where they attend school. Again, a relocation can result in a change in their education. 
  • Medical care: Where and when a child sees a doctor can become an issue if parents do not work together. 
  • Safety: A safe home environment is crucial for a child’s well-being. From a safe home to the people involved in the child’s life, protecting the child from harm is the responsibility of each parent. 

Raising a child requires teamwork, even when the team lives apart. Decisions are a team sport when it comes to co-parenting. If the parent of your child is unhelpful, negligent, or you just desire more time with your child, seek legal help. 

Fighting your case alone can overwhelm you. An unclear understanding of complex family law can lead to undesired results. The Betsy A. Fischer, LLC team can help you pursue the best possible outcome of your parenting time modification case. 

Why Quick Action is Necessary for your Child Custody Case

It is easy to put off taking action in your child custody case. Daily demands can distract you, leaving you stressed and anxious about how to proceed with your case. 

Notifying the court of your intentions as soon as possible is best for everyone. A family law attorney can complete the necessary paperwork to ensure your request meets all court requirements. Your attorney can also handle phone calls and other small but important tasks associated with a legal case. 

Life changes can occur quickly, leaving parents with little time to reach the best resolution for their child. Louisiana family courts take parenting time modifications, child support, and custody issues seriously. Requests before the court are legal matters with outcomes that can greatly impact your child emotionally and psychologically. 

At Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, we get to work building your case immediately. We listen to your concerns and apply our skills and knowledge to build your case. No one child custody case is alike, and the outcome of a similar case may differ from the outcome of your case. 

If you seek to make changes to your parenting time, let us help you. Take the first step to possibly obtaining more time with your child by contacting us today for a free case evaluation. You will find our staff helpful, compassionate, and ready to assist you with your case.

Adjusting to Your Growing Child’s Needs

The signing of divorce papers may signal the end of a marriage; however, parenting is an ongoing responsibility. As your child grows, their needs change, sometimes making parenting time modifications mandatory. 

It is not uncommon for parents to discover that the initial court decision regarding custody or visitation needs amending. However, it is important to note that the court will always do what they deem best for the child — no matter what either parent desires. 

From young children to teenagers, raising a child is both challenging and rewarding. Communication with them in a way that is open and honest and listening to their needs can help everyone move forward toward a plan that works. 

If compromise is not possible in your situation, consider hiring a Louisiana family law attorney now. Adjusting your parenting time is best managed by someone with Louisiana family law experience. 

Swift action by you now can perhaps prevent heartache and regret later. How you approach your request for a parenting time modification can significantly impact your child’s life; seek legal help with your case today. 

Betsy A. Fischer, LLC: Your Louisiana Family Law Attorney

Co-parenting is challenging when both parents harbor ill feelings toward one another or about the divorce. However, separating ill feelings from the immediate needs of your child is vitally important.  At Besty A. Fischer, LLC, our experience helping parents with custody issues is invaluable in parenting time modifications. 

We understand the emotional stress of fighting for what is best for your child. However, upon carefully evaluating your information, we determine the best approach to building your case. 

Family law issues involving children take time. The sooner you contact us for your free case evaluation, the faster we can get to work for you. Allowing us to put our knowledge of Louisiana family laws to work for you can ease your mind. 

We believe in consistent and compassionate communication. Therefore, our door is always open for you and any questions you may want to ask regarding your case. 

Besty A. Fischer, LLC proudly serves New Orleans and the surrounding region. Contact us online or call 504-780-8232 today for a free case evaluation. It is the first step in your parenting time modification journey. 

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