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How is child custody decided? The parent who is awarded custody has the responsibility and authority to make all fundamental decisions regarding the child's welfare. Examples of fundamental decisions, include, but are not limited to issues such as religion, education, and non-emergency medical treatment. You can be awarded either sole

Domestic violence is a regrettable reality for some Louisiana families. It is also true that possessing a history of domestic violence does not necessarily prevent individuals from seeking and obtaining visitation with their child. However, courts must consider several critical factors when determining allowable visitation for parents who have a

Visitation refers to the time a child spends with the parent with whom the child does not live.  A child has a right to time with both parents.  If a court finds that visitation with the other parent is in your child's best interest, the court will set up a schedule

In Louisiana, a divorcing couple may be awarded joint custody of any children they have together. This type of custody arrangement is only set in place in cases where it is both feasible and in the best interests of the child to spend a roughly equal amount of time with

In Louisiana custody cases, when a parent is not granted custody or joint custody, the court will generally award this non-custodial parent visitation rights with the child. There are some situations, however, in which the court will not order visitation. This happens if the court finds visitation would be contrary

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