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Challenges of Divorce When Kids Are Involved

Divorce is so challenging when kids are involved that some couples decide to stay together just because it will be easier. It’s important to understand the challenges ahead, emotionally and financially, before moving forward with a divorce when you have kids. If the relationship is damaged, it is probably healthier for both you and your kids to get a divorce. But be prepared for the possible hardships ahead.

Financial Challenges

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It’s extremely difficult to go from living in a home with two incomes and two support systems to a home with just one. There are many financial challenges breaking up a household can cause.  In a survey done by Avvo, fourteen percent of the respondents who have ever been in a relationship or have been married said that they stayed in a relationship longer than they wanted because it was more affordable than being alone. Add having kids to that scenario and it’s even more challenging.  Typically in a divorce one parent has to pay the other parent child support. This can cause financial strain on the paying parent. Then there are other financial challenges like needing to have doubles of your kids’ supplies if they are now living in two homes. Depending on where you live, there are also travel costs. The financial burden of a divorce is almost enough to keep some couples together. But if you and your spouse can work together to support your children fairly, it can be done successfully.

Emotional Challenges

Divorces always take an emotional toll on the couple, but they are especially hard on children. Young children may not understand why their parents are splitting up and may feel guilty. Divorce puts stress on a child’s life by forcing them to move, live in two different homes, or not see one parent very often. It’s hard to explain why life is changing to young kids and this can cause emotional challenges for the whole family. But is all of that stress worse to endure than staying in an unhappy relationship? The effects of that can cause everyone in the household to be unhappy. Emotional challenges can be overcome with a little time and talking. Explain to your kids that it’s not their fault and that they are loved, and everyone will adjust with time.

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