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Child Support In Louisiana

Parents in Louisiana may benefit from learning more about the state laws that govern child support. The provisions and guidelines set forth by the Civil Code are based on the premise that both parents have a continuous obligation to children and that children are entitled to a share of the current income earned by both parents. The state notes that children should not be victimized due to out-of-wedlock birth or divorce.

In order to determine the amount of child support, the state relies on economic data and its own calculations to simulate the proportion of income allotted to children of intact families while considering taxes and other expenditures for both parties. The economic data utilizes the Income Shares Model to determine how the child support award should be apportioned between the parents. The state’s intent is to prevent children of disrupted families from living in poverty while attempting to ensure these children are afforded the same opportunities as those from intact families of similar financial means.

If the standard model is inequitable for the parties involved or not in the best interests of the child, the court may deviate from the aforementioned guidelines. Courts may rely on using their own discretion and stray from the guidelines when multiple families are affected or involved in the child support order. Extraordinary circumstances like substantial community debt or a serious disability may also affect the parameters of a child support order.

Parents who need help with child support enforcement or negotiating more favorable terms may benefit from contacting legal counsel. Lawyers may be able to help develop an amicable parenting plan or assist with negotiations that concern visiting rights. Legal representation may also be valuable to parents who need modifications to a current child custody agreement due to a change in living circumstances.

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