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Attorney Betsy A. Fischer wrote the book on one of the most sensitive areas of the law — Divorce in Louisiana. Betsy is committed to helping local families pursue reasonable, favorable outcomes. She will discuss your case at every stage and detail how Louisiana’s divorce laws may impact your case.

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Betsy has a wealth of legal knowledge through her 20+ years experience practicing law in Louisiana.  She is committed to dispelling the emotions and to supporting you during the divorce process.  She can help you establish realistic expectations and focus on making informed, effective decisions.

Divorce and Complex Financial Situations

When you divorce, you and your spouse will each receive half of your community estate — including debts.  This requires finding solutions to divide debt and equity for clients’ divorce cases. She has experience handling divorce cases involving upside down mortgages and other harsh economic situations.

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Mediation vs. Divorce Court

Mediation — or having a neutral third party listen to your divorce case and make a decision — can provide favorable resolutions. Attorney Fischer can discuss the benefits of sitting down and outlining agreements concerning every aspect of your divorce. You can mediate any divorce-related decision without the involvement of a judge.

Court can be both emotionally and financially draining. By discussing your issues in a friendly manner, you may be able to reduce the stress of your divorce. And, since mediation is often quicker than court proceedings, the costs can be much lower. Don’t hesitate to discuss the mediation process with attorney Betsy A. Fischer.

Betsy handled both of my divorces and did a great job of keeping me calm, steady and focused. My second ex’s attorney described her as “tough as nails” which is a great recommendation coming from opposing counsel.

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