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Why Is Divorce Such A Long Process?

Divorces are rarely easy, and more often than not they are a long and tiring process. So why do divorces usually take longer than six months?  In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why.

Reasons Why Divorces Take So Long

Divorces require a lot of paperwork. You have to wait for papers to be filed and signed, and for court dates to be set. The divorce process may entail an overwhelming amount of waiting, but if both parties agree on everything, the divorce can be completed in 4-6 months. When both parties can’t agree on everything, things can get more complicated and complex.  Unfortunately, there are many factors that can delay a divorce.

Motions and Hearing

Motions for temporary support or child custody can hold up the process. If a spouse files for temporary support until the divorce is finalized, the court then has to determine if it’s necessary and how much is necessary. This process can take a month or longer.

A motion for temporary custody or visitation could lead to a hearing requiring spouses and other witnesses to testify. This can prolong the divorce even longer.  The couple will now have to wait for papers to be filed, a court hearing date to be available and a decision to be made.

Disagreements and Bitterness

When spouses can’t agree on dividing property, child custody, etc, the divorce process can be drawn out until they do. A lot of this can result in bitterness which is common in a divorce. Courts do their best to do what’s fair for divorcing couples, and the more you can agree, the quicker the process will be.

Busy Divorce Courts

Many divorces being filed everyday cause delays in the divorce court. While most divorces are settled before having to go to trial, settlements don’t usually happen until close to the trial date.


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