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Life Events Can Create Stress, Lead To Divorce

In Louisiana, people marry with the intent of spending the rest of their lives together. Despite their best intentions, however, no one is able to predict the toil that major life events might place on a relationship. Many couples find that because such events create drastic changes in their lives and relationship, divorce becomes the best option in order for everyone involved to lead happier lives.

There are a variety of different factors that could impact a marriage, but in general, any change that causes a large shift in responsibilities, schedules and financial situation can be especially difficult to overcome for some couples. For example, an illness can create high medical bills and force one spouse to acquire many more responsibilities while caring for an ill spouse. Additionally, a loss of a job can create stress due to financial concerns and shifting responsibilities.

Children can also put strain on a relationship. While most couples expect that the birth of a child will bring them closer together, such an event could have the opposite effect due to the stresses of raising a child. One study shows that marital satisfaction dropped significantly within the three years after the birth of a child. Alternatively, some couples experience strain when their children are grown and have left the house. Some speculate that couples have been so focused on raising their children, they may have ignored their own problems and are now realizing that they may no longer have anything in common.

Obviously, these life events do not lead to divorce for every couple who experience them. However, some may decide that the changes that their marriage has undergone due to illness, financial instability and/or children are insurmountable, and the key to their future happiness is through a divorce that will allow them to explore a different path. There is help available for people in Louisiana who are interested in discussing the options available to them as they consider making major life changes.

Source: ABC News, “Life Events That Can Lead to Divorce“, Amanda MacMillan, March 28, 2015

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