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Louisiana’s Foster-To-Adopt Option Pairs Children With Families

With all the children in the foster care system, it is no secret that there are a lot of children who need to find a family who will love them as they should be loved. An option through the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services is one that has given children the family they deserve so very much. DCFS currently has 350 children who are waiting for a family to call their own. Two success stories from the program show just how successful it truly is.

The foster-to-adopt option is where one single woman turned when she decided that she needed children in her life. She fostered four children before she ended up with the child she now calls her son. The first four children were reunited with their biological families, but the toddler boy who is now her son isn’t going anywhere. She has also adopted a baby whose mother was murdered. The children know that they are loved, and that is the beauty of this program.

Another single woman chose the foster-to-adopt option when she fostered an infant who tested positive for cocaine. She says she was willing to take a chance on the little baby who could have faced developmental delays and other problems because of the drug abuse. That little girl is excelling and has a mother who loves her.

Those who are considering adoption as a way to start or expand a family must make sure that they know their rights and how to protect themselves as they go through the adoption process. Learning everything that applies to their case might help them to be properly prepared as they go through the process.

Source: KPLCtv.com, “Two single moms share their adoption success stories” Britney Glaser, May. 14, 2014

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