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Man Who Fails To Pay Almost $40,000 In Child Support Is Arrested

For people who are no longer in a relationship but have children together, child custody and child support are likely big factors in caring for the children. When the court enacts a child support order, the person who is to receive the payments to care for the child likely depends on those payments to make ends meet. When the person who is responsible for paying child support fails to live up to that expectation, the children might suffer. Additionally, the person who didn’t pay child support might face charges.

One man was recently arrested in Washington Parish, Louisiana, for failing to pay $39,178.56 in child support. He was charged with four counts of failing to pay child support and criminal neglect of family. The man, who was living in another state, was arrested after the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office received word that the man would be in the parish over the weekend. Officers found him on the rear patio of a residence.

The arrest didn’t go very smoothly. The man resisted the arrest stating that he wasn’t going to jail. Officers had to deploy a Taser twice before taking the man into custody.

Anyone who has children knows how costly it is to raise them. For parents who are expecting child support, that support can make the difference of being able to adequately support the child. Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal says that he finds it “unconscionable that any biological parent will wantonly fail” to support his or her children.

If you are facing child support issues, understanding your rights might help you as you go through the process to rectify the issues. Seeking advice from someone familiar with child support in Louisiana might help you to get answers to any questions you may have.

Source: The Daily News, “Man owing thousands in back child support arrested” No author given, Apr. 01, 2014

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