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Multimillion-Dollar Divorce Settlement Upheld By Appeals Court

While some divorces in Louisiana can be civil when both sides are willing to compromise, others can be long and drawn out. One out-of-state couple’s divorce saga may finally come to a close over five years after divorce papers were originally filed. An appeals court has recently upheld the terms of the settlement between Jamie McCourt and her ex-husband Frank, the former owner of the Dodgers.

Mrs. McCourt originally filed for divorce in 2009. Although the couple originally agreed on a settlement that gave Mrs. McCourt $131 million in addition to other assets, she sought to have the settlement overturned after her husband sold the Dodgers for $2.4 billion. She claims that he hid the value of the baseball team from her.

However, a judge found that her accusations were not credible, determining that she had even reviewed a document estimating the team’s worth as $2.4 billion before they agreed on the settlement. In fact, reports indicate that Mr. McCourt provided over 220,000 pages of financial documents to his former wife and her lawyers prior to the settlement. A three-judge appeals panel has recently unanimously upheld that ruling, leaving the original settlement intact.

While most divorces are emotionally difficult, a high-net-worth divorce can have special complications. An attorney experienced in family law can help ensure that Louisiana residents are treated fairly during the division of assets. In addition, the help of a legal professional may also be able to prevent future disagreements or appeals by ensuring that all assets are valued correctly and that those values are understood by all involved.

Source: ABC News, “Appeals Court Won’t Toss Ex-Dodgers Owner’s Divorce Deal“, Anthony McCartney, Feb. 25, 2015

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