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What should you do when you need a divorce, but don’t have much money?

What should you do when you need a divorce as quickly as possible, but you don’t have much money?

If you have some money and want to divorce as soon as possible, consider some of these options:

• Borrow the legal fees from friends or family. Often those close to you are concerned about your future and would be pleased to support you in your goal of having your rights protected. Although this may be uncomfortable to do, remember that most people will appreciate that you trusted them enough to ask for their help. If the retainer is too much money to request from a single individual, consider whether a handful of persons might each be able to contribute a lesser amount to help you reach your goal of hiring a lawyer.

• Charge the legal fees on a low-interest credit card or consider taking out a loan.

• Start saving. If your case is not urgent, consider developing a plan for saving the money you need to proceed with a divorce.

Your attorney may be willing to receive and hold monthly payments until you have paid an amount sufficient to pay the initial retainer.

• Talk to your attorney about using money held in a joint account with your spouse.

• Find an attorney who will work with you on a monthly payment basis.

• Ask your attorney about your spouse paying for your legal fees

• Ask your attorney about being paid from the proceeds of the property settlement. If you and your spouse have acquired substantial assets during the marriage, you may be able to find an attorney who will wait to be paid until the assets are divided at the conclusion of the divorce.

Closely examine all sources of funds readily available to you, as you may have overlooked money that might be easily accessible to you.

Contact New Orleans Lawyer Referral/Legal Services at (504/561-8828). Let them know you have some ability to pay and ask for help finding a lawyer who will take your case for a reduced fee.

Even if you do not have the financial resources to proceed with your divorce at this time, consult with an attorney to learn your rights and to develop an action plan for steps you can take between now and the time you are able to proceed.

Often there are measures you can take right away to protect yourself until you have the money to proceed with your divorce.

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