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Do You Need A Social Media Prenuptial Agreement?

When most people think of prenuptial agreements, they probably think of contracts that outline the division of a couple’s assets if they get a divorce. While that is one of the facets of these agreements, it certainly isn’t the only thing that a premarital agreement can cover. As the world changes and technology grows, other aspects of life are being covered in them. Louisiana residents might be interested in learning how social media interactions and posts are being covered in premarital agreements.

The main purpose of adding social media clauses to a prenuptial agreement or having a separate social media prenuptial agreement is to outline what is acceptable on websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others. This is especially important if the online image of either party in the marriage is important, such as if one is a politician or works with children.

The clauses in these contracts vary almost as much as the penalty for breaking the agreement. The parties might agree that certain life details can’t be posted or that unflattering pictures can’t be shared. Going against the agreement might mean having to do extra chores or paying a fine.

When you and your future spouse are coming up with a prenuptial agreement that covers social media interactions, it is important to be as specific as possible about what is allowed and what is forbidden. Even if you are already married, you and your spouse might opt to draw up a postnuptial agreement to outline the same things as what would be covered in the prenuptial agreement.

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