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Preserving Evidence for a Divorce Case

Divorce cases are always difficult and usually come along with stressful emotions. There are a number of things that can be brought up during a divorce case and often time there are things that can be used to your advantage. To help take the pressure off of yourself, make sure to preserve all of the evidence that you may have that could be used during the case.

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Organization is Key

When it comes to your divorce case, of course organization is crucial, especially when it comes to your evidence. You can never have too much evidence, so save everything until after the case is over. Technology can really play a part in your court case, especially when it comes to evidence. Emails, text messages, voicemails, social media posts and photos are all common pieces of evidence that can be used in court to show that your spouse is engaging in behaviors that could help lead to you winning your case. Remember, this goes both ways. You need to be careful what you text and email during the divorce case. Keep that in mind when it comes to posting on social media as well. Anything you say during the divorce case can be used for you or against you.

Always Turn All of Your Evidence Over to Your Attorney

It is important that all of your pieces of evidence, especially things that have been discussed and put in writing are given to your attorney to preserve for the case. You must be open with your attorney from the very beginning about all of evidence and proof that you have that shows your reasons for a successful divorce case. Preserving the evidence correctly will prevent any miscommunications throughout the case. That is why it is a good idea to always communicate through email during the case so that it can be easily preserved and used as evidence if needed.

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