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How quick can I get divorced from my spouse in Louisiana?

People come into my office wanting their divorce as soon as possible. How quickly a person gets divorced in Louisiana depends on if you meet the time requirements.

There are a number of time requirements for getting a divorce in Louisiana. Either you or your spouse must have been a resident of Louisiana for more than six months immediately prior to the filing of the petition for the divorce with the court. After you file your divorce, your spouse must be given notice of the divorce.

A one hundred eighty day waiting period is required for every Louisiana divorce involving no children and one year if there are minor children of the marriage. . This period begins on either the date the sheriff serves your spouse with the divorce petition or the date that a waiver of service is signed by your spouse and filed with the court. If you and your spouse have already resided apart the required length of time, your divorce process is much quicker.

The soonest your divorce can be resolved is after the required length of time to reside apart has passed, although most cases do not resolve this quickly. Additional documents must be filed with the court in order to finalize your divorce.

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