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How To Reduce Expense, Length Of Divorce Process

Television and movies portray divorce as a contentious, bitter and long process. Proceedings are filled with finger-pointing and what is likely a significant amount of false accusations. Fortunately, these are fictitious portrayals, and many couples are able to start a new life without a lengthy, expensive divorce process. While some people in Louisiana may decide to stay in a loveless, unhappy marriage because they think they can not afford a divorce, there are ways to reduce the cost.

While it is possible that a divorce can result in thousands of dollars in attorney fees and years in court, couples who are willing to set their personal feelings aside and work together can more easily resolve their issues. In many cases, the length and cost of a divorce case is, to some degree, in the hands of the parties seeking the divorce. However, couples must be upfront and reasonable about the state of their financial affairs as well as willing to compromise.

Another way to reduce the length of divorce proceedings, if there are children involved, is to work together and be reasonable regarding parenting issues. For example, a couple who can make decisions regarding drop-off and pick-up times, instead of asking the court to intervene, can avoid time in front of a judge or with a lawyer. The same goes for paying for minor things involving the children, such as an Internet bill.

Many people in Louisiana have chosen to begin the next step of their lives by leaving behind an unhappy situation. Despite Hollywood portrayals, there is no need to stay in a bad marriage because of concerns over the costs of seeking a divorce. Couples who are willing to work together, with the guidance of their attorneys, can cut both the time and money involved in the process, which is ultimately in the best interest of everyone involved.

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