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There are times when a will needs to be contested. It is difficult to do and is emotionally draining, not to mention can be very costly, both when it comes to money and time. But if you are looking to contest a will, these steps will help get the ball

Nursing home negligence is happening more often and still many people aren’t educated enough about it. Did you know that they’re actually different types of neglect in nursing home to be aware of? Medical Neglect Medical neglect in a nursing home occurs when the facility fails to properly prevent any medical issues

Deciding to get a divorce is one of the most difficult decisions one may have to make in their lifetime. Coming to terms with the fact that a relationship you thought would last forever isn't working is hard, and making the decision to stop fighting is even worse. Once you've

A divorce may be the most stressful thing many people go through in their lifetime. Divorces are hard but they don’t have to be the reason you lose your sanity. Taking care of your mental health should be your number one priority during your divorce. This article provides helpful tips on

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