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The Most Important Documents During a Divorce

A divorce is usually a very complicated process. It can impact you legally, financially and emotionally. When working with a

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divorce lawyer to help you through the difficult divorce process, be prepared by having all of your ducks in a row by having all of your important documents ready for review.


It will end up saving you time and money if you have your documents handy for your lawyer. With the need to divide assets and property, having your documents can give you and your lawyer an overview of your finances and more.


The more documents you have, the better. But here is a simple checklist that gives you an idea of the important documents you should have for you divorce case.

– Income tax returns (state/federal)

– Paystubs

– Retirement benefits and plans

– 401(k) plans

– Monthly bank statements

– Mutual funds

– Pension plans

– Loan applications (mortgages, credit cards, cars)

– Credit card statements and other debts

– Insurance information

– Wills & POA information

– Trust agreements

– Medical records

– Employment records

– Resumes


You should also consider these documents if you are going through a messy divorce that involves cheating or issues.

– Internet browsing history

– Emails

– Cell phone bills

– Cell phone records

– Photos

– Social media posts

– Business and personal calendars


Since each divorce is case is unique, always speak with your divorce attorney about which important documents they need.


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