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Understanding How Louisiana Adoption Law Impacts Your Family

Adoption isn’t just for parents. Our clients have included relatives and stepparents who struggled with the specifics of how adoption law would affect their families and sought clarity about their best course of action. During our two decades of service, we’ve come to appreciate the fact that there’s no such thing as a typical adoption. Every family has an individual experience, and our goal is to ensure that these encounters with the law progress as smoothly as possible.

The ramifications of adoption are myriad. It may improve your loved ones’ financial security in the years to come or simply make it easier to deal with other legal proceedings in case of a future emergency. Regardless whether your motivations for adoption are fiscal, emotional or otherwise, they’re no less valid than any others, and we believe your legal support should reflect that.

Adoption and family law can be somewhat confusing without legal guidance, but working with an attorney may give families a chance to take fuller advantage of the legislation they’re impacted by. To learn more, visit our page on adoption, or contact Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, for a free consultation.

Source: Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, “Adoption“, October 10, 2014

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