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Will Governor Jindal Sign Domestic Violence-Divorce Bill?

Being involved in a relationship that includes domestic violence is a horrible way to live. Domestic violence can lead to physical injuries, emotional trauma, and in extreme cases, death. Louisiana residents might be interested in learning about the new bill that is going before Governor Jindal that takes a strong stance against domestic violence.

Currently, anyone who is seeking a divorce in Louisiana has to wait through a months-long waiting period before that divorce can be granted. If Governor Jindal signs SB 292 into law, victims of domestic violence won’t have to deal with that wait. The bill makes it possible for victims of domestic violence to get an immediate divorce from their attacker.

The bill was passed 35-0 and only awaits the governor’s signature. If he signs it, the law will go into effect on August 1. The conditions of an immediate divorce would be that there is a presence of physical or sexual abuse in the relationship. It also states that if there is a protective order or injunction issued against a spouse, the divorce could be granted immediately.

Interestingly enough, the bill doesn’t stop at just allowing for an immediate divorce. It also allows the court to consider the abuse if the issue of spousal support is introduced.

Nobody should have to deal with domestic violence. Being stuck in a marriage while waiting months for a divorce isn’t something that anyone who is being abused should have to go through. Anyone who is considering divorce because of domestic violence should learn about their rights pertaining to the divorce and legal remedies that offer protection from the attacker.

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