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We lighten the load of legal complexities, so you can navigate the divorce process with confidence and ease.

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In personal legal matters, uninformed decisions can affect your future. We ensure that your rights and best interests are protected along the way.

Family Law And Divorce Attorney, Betsy A. Fischer

Our firm’s founder and lawyer, Betsy A. Fischer, devotes her practice almost exclusively to family law. Her experience in the field extends back more than 20 years. She is not only a skilled trial attorney and strong negotiator, but also a qualified domestic and juvenile mediator.

Providing Peace Of Mind Through Step-By-Step Guidance

Whether your case proceeds in a collaborative direction or turns into a full-fledged court dispute, you can rely on our firm to protect your interests. We will walk you through the process step by step. You can find peace of mind knowing an experienced family law attorney is looking out for you with care and attention.


“ Attorney Betsy Fischer's intimate knowledge of Louisiana law — and the procedural rules of local courts — gives her a leg up in walking clients through both basic and complex legal issues”

- Laura Montach Metairie, LA
Book: Divorce in Louisiana

Attorney Betsy A. Fischer wrote the book on Louisiana Divorce

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