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Louisiana Expert on Post-Divorce Modifications

Many people think of divorce as a one-time process with an identifiable start and end point. While that is true to some extent, in reality, a divorce case may never be truly “over.” The issuance of a divorce decree does not shut the door on divorce-related issues that can come up again down the road. This is particularly true if you and your ex-spouse have children.

Life is not static, and neither are the many legal obligations and arrangements arising out of divorce. Changes in employment, income, health and other circumstances may require revisiting aspects of the divorce such as:

  • Alimony: Substantial changes in either spouse’s financial circumstances may warrant modifying the spousal support award. Depending on the type of support, the recipient’s remarriage may also be grounds for eliminating the obligation.
  • Child custody: As children grow and change, so, too, do their needs and best interests. A significant change in circumstances may require a modification of the existing child custody arrangement.
  • Child support: As with alimony, changes in either party’s financial circumstances or the children’s needs may be grounds for altering the child support obligation.

Benefit From Professional Guidance

Post-divorce modifications can raise many of the same issues that came to light in the original divorce proceedings. They also bring up new considerations. Because modifications can significantly impact your rights and interests — as well as those of your children — you should not attempt to navigate modifications on your own.

At the law firm of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, in Louisiana, our family law attorney can assist you in securing or opposing a modification through various means such as:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing changes to a divorce agreement
  • Requesting the court to approve an out-of-state relocation
  • Objecting to the other party’s requested modification

As a local lawyer with decades of family law experience, Betsy Fischer literally wrote the book on divorce. She recently published the book Divorce in Louisiana: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect, an invaluable resource that addresses the practical aspects of navigating divorce and post-divorce issues in Louisiana. With the benefit of her guidance, you can rest assured that your modification issue is in good hands.

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