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Louisiana Grandparents Rights and Laws

Today’s grandparents know, more than ever before, that they and their grandchildren have legitimate and real emotional family ties. The denial of these ties impoverishes the lives of the grandparents and the grandchildren alike. For this reason, our firm helps grandparents fight for a life with their grandchildren.

Enjoy Time With Your Grandchildren

Enjoying time with your grandchildren does not necessarily mean, though, that you have to fight for outright custody of your grandchildren. In many circumstances, our firm can provide you with the advocacy you need to simply establish lines of communication between you and the caregiver of your grandchildren.

Other situations do require a more aggressive approach, and, when such a situation arises, our firm helps grandparents understand their rights with respect to their grandchildren. Or if the grandparents’ own child has died or been convicted of a felony, we can also help grandparents investigate the possibility of enforcing their visitation rights with respect to their grandchildren.

For more than 20 years, our firm has provided guidance and personalized advice to families struggling with complicated problems. Grandparents’ rights are no different in this respect. We help our clients address their family situations in a way that is compassionate and respectful.

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