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Handling Divorce Stress

There is no question that facing a divorce can be one of the most trying, frustrating and stressful times in a person’s life. After all, when you said your marriage vows, you never expected to be facing this day. But somewhere along the way, things changed in your life and now you may feel as if divorce is the best way forward for everyone concerned.

“The emotions of divorce run from one extreme to another as you journey through the process. You may be ready to move on with your life and feel relief. On the other hand, you may feel emotions that are quite painful, such as anger, fear, sorrow, a deep sense of loss or failure.” Excerpt from Divorce in Louisiana, The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What To Expect.

You must remember that feelings of doubt, worry and frustration are very human emotions. Your expectations of a happily-ever-after marriage didn’t turn out the way you planned — maybe for one single reason, maybe for a hundred reasons.

Your first important step you should take is to find emotional support to help you deal with the stress. This can come from a parent or sibling, a friend, co-worker or leader of your religious congregation. Professional therapists are excellent resources to guide you through the emotional ups-and-downs. Simply talking and expressing your thoughts and concerns out loud is a great step in facing down your worries.

Hiring The Right Attorney

Trust is everything. Have you ever noticed that when you feel confident about a decision, there is less stress in your life? Make sure you have people around you whom you can trust with confidence, beginning with your attorney.

When looking for an attorney, it is a good idea to look beyond the legal experience. You will be sharing a lot of information and conversation with your lawyer over the next several weeks and months. Make sure you hire someone who is willing to listen and empathize with you. A good divorce lawyer will take the time to listen and use what you share to propose a property and/or child custody agreement that addresses your concerns about the future.

“Because going through a divorce can be an emotional time, having a clear understanding of the divorce process and what to expect will help you make better decisions as you deal with your spouse, your children and your emotions. And, when it comes to decision-making, search inside yourself to clarify your intentions and goals for the future. Let these intentions be your guide.” Excerpts from Coping With Stress During the Divorce Process, Divorce in Louisiana, The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What To Expect.

Communication skills are critical for a successful family law attorney. Throughout your divorce, you will be faced with decisions that have to be made regarding your financial interests and/or your children’s welfare. The right lawyer will keep you fully informed using clear, non-legal language that you can understand. Your options should be clearly set out in front of you and you must understand the immediate outcome of your decisions, as well as the long-range effects it will have on your family’s future.

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