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Wills in Louisiana

Estate planning is a fundamental step in preparing for the future. People from all backgrounds, at all stages of life, should take care to develop an estate plan tailored to fit their situation.

Legal Advice & An Effective Will

One of the core aspects of an estate plan is a will (also called a testament). Many people assume a will is a straightforward document they can complete with minimal effort or forethought. Such a mistaken conception can lead to financial disaster down the road.

Louisiana’s laws regarding wills are uniquely strict. To be valid, the will must conform to detailed requirements regarding signatures, witnesses, notarizing and other technical elements. You may also run into problems if you previously executed a will and later decide to change it or complete a new one.

Because of these important legal intricacies, you should not take chances by entrusting your future to a template document or do-it-yourself will. Advice from a knowledgeable attorney is critical to making sure that your future is secure.

What About Living Wills?

A living will (also called an advance medical directive) is a separate document with a different purpose than a regular will. Whereas a regular will deals with your property and minor children, a living will sets forth your wishes regarding medical decisions and life-sustaining treatments. You can also designate a trusted person to act as your legal representative in the event that you become unable to voice your own decisions regarding medical care.

Helping You Understand Different Types Of Wills

Both types of wills are foundational estate planning documents, and both must conform to certain legal requirements in order to take effect. When you are ready to make important decisions about your future, contact the law office of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC. We can prepare these documents to fit your situation as well as your goals and desires.

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