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Legal parenthood and biological parenthood are not always the same thing. For example, in some situations, the father of a child born to unmarried parents may not have the rights and responsibilities of a legal father until paternity is established. Likewise, the biological father of a child born out of an extramarital affair will likely not automatically be deemed a legal parent of the child. Paternity and filiation serve to establish legal parenthood (usually fatherhood). They are typically the gateway to creating and enforcing the legal rights and responsibilities that accompany parenthood.

It is important to seek skilled legal advice regarding paternity issues. In the Metairie area, we invite you to contact the law firm of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC. We can help you find answers and develop a plan for your situation. You can rely on our attorney’s 20-plus years of experience handling complex family law issues, including paternity and filiation matters.

The Intersection Between Paternity And Parental Rights And Responsibilities

If you are seeking child custody rights but the law does not yet recognize you as a parent, paternity is the first essential step to securing your parental rights. Unmarried fathers must generally sign and file a declaration of paternity to establish the legal parent-child relationship. If a dispute arises regarding legal parenthood, the court may order a DNA test to identify the biological mother or father.

For mothers seeking to hold the child’s biological father accountable for child support, paternity may become a necessary first step in the process.

Paternity And Extramarital Affairs

Paternity can quickly become a complicated issue when children are born out of extramarital affairs. The law generally presumes that the husband of a married woman is the father. Navigating paternity issues in such cases demands a thorough knowledge of applicable statutes and case law.

Our lawyer has the high level of knowledge and experience required to navigate these difficult situations. She provides discreet and sensitive guidance with the highest level of dignity, respect and confidentiality.

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