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Louisiana Alimony – Spousal Support

While many parts of the country call it “alimony,” in Louisiana, the technical legal term for marital support payments is “spousal support.” Despite the different term, of course, spousal support issues in Louisiana still suffer from the same types of problems that all marital support cases suffer: Spouses who do not pay; spouses who do not pay enough; spouses who pay too much. The list goes on.

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The facts governing how much spousal support is appropriate under Louisiana law makes for a complicated soup of mathematical calculations. Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, regularly assists clients in understanding and applying these calculations fairly. We diligently help all of our clients to thoroughly investigate the facts of the case, to determine what the numbers really are, and to set fair and accurate amounts for spousal support payments.

Our firm advises clients concerning spousal support issues both while the divorce is pending as well as after the divorce is finalized. Our firm understands that cost-effective and efficient lawyering is critical at this stage. Our experience in court and at the negotiating table allows us to determine when trial is and when trial is not the best option for achieving a client’s goal with respect to spousal support.

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