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Child Support in New Orleans, Louisiana

Child support matters in Louisiana involve applying complicated mathematical formulas to determine the amount of support awarded. Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, has more than 20 years of experience advising clients regarding the full range of child support matters, including enforcement and modification. She can help you with your child support legal questions, too.

Ms. Fischer is the author of a book published with the purpose of guiding people through the complex world of divorce, child custody and child support in new Orleans, Louisiana. Her book Divorce in Louisiana, The Legal Process, Your Rights and What to Expect, (Addicus Books, Omaha) is recognized as one of the leading books specifically written about the subject of Louisiana family law.

To read excerpts from the book and learn more about the topic, please visit the articles page: Louisiana Child Custody

Child Support Enforcement Lawyer In Metairie

Our office understands the difficult issues involved in child support cases. Many of our clients come to us after they have learned that an ex-spouse has found a new job or perhaps has remarried to someone with significant income. Our clients also come to us when other significant life circumstances have changed, meriting either an increase or reduction in child support that the client pays or the client receives.

Aside from modification matters, our office also works closely with our clients to diligently enforce child support payments. It is not unusual in these situations to be seeking hidden assets and performing other fact-specific investigations to determine the exact capacity a spouse may have to make the child support payments in the amount for which they are currently ordered.

No matter whether you are the person seeking to increase the child support you receive or to decrease the amount you pay, our firm understands your side of the matter. Because we regularly advise people concerning any number of questions regarding child support from either side of the fence, we can help you make effective legal arguments that can often successfully anticipate the legal strategies from the other side.

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