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Louisiana Children in Need of Care

The Louisiana Department of Social Services is responsible for protecting the welfare of children throughout the state. It investigates reports of child abuse, abandonment or neglect, and it makes recommendations regarding child placement in such situations.

Has Your Child Been Removed From Your Care?

Watching the government remove your child from your home is an emotional and upsetting experience — for both you and the child. Fortunately, the law gives you an important opportunity to make a case for getting your child back.

Child in need of care (CINC) proceedings revolve around the question of whether (and how) the child can be safely returned to your care. You will have to go through multiple legal steps and hearings. During a court hearing, you will have a crucial opportunity to present evidence and arguments.

Several other parties will also be involved. The court will appoint a special representative as an independent advocate for the child. This person will offer an informed opinion on what course of action is in the child’s best interests. Likewise, the Department of Social Services will conduct its own investigation and make recommendations regarding a plan to reunite you with your child, if possible. The reunification plan may require you to participate in services such as:

  • Parenting classes
  • Treatment for drug or alcohol dependency
  • Job coaching and placement

Depending on your situation, the process for getting your child back could take months or even years.

Working With Cases Involving Children

Whenever the government gets involved in the lives of a family, much is at stake. You should not attempt to struggle through this complex legal process on your own.

At the Metairie law office of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, we can help protect your rights as a parent. Our attorney can guide you through the process and assist you in presenting a strong case. She will work hard to reunite you with your child as quickly as possible.

With decades of experience in family law, attorney Betsy Fischer has served both as an advocate for children and a representative of the parents. You can benefit from her well-rounded perspective on how judges approach these cases.

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