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How To Modify Child Support

Child support orders are based on the income, child custody arrangement and financial circumstances of the parties at a singular point in time. Months or years down the road, however, those circumstances may change. Loss of a job, shifts in income, new medical conditions and many other life events may warrant taking another look at the existing child support order.

Seeking An Increase Or Reduction In Child Support?

In Louisiana, you must request child support modifications through the court system. Even if you and the other parent agree on the modification, it is still necessary to obtain court approval.

Perhaps you are seeking to lower or even zero out your child support obligation due to changed circumstances in your employment. Perhaps you incurred new debts or medical bills. Perhaps your child-related expenses have increased due to changes in the custody arrangement.

Alternatively, perhaps you are seeking to increase the amount of child support you receive from the other parent. Perhaps his or her income has gone up, or maybe the children have greater financial needs.

Whatever your situation, it is important to seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney. At Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, we can walk you through the process to modify a child support order. Our lawyer brings to the table more than 20 years of experience handling all types of child support matters.

Seeking To Oppose A Modification?

We also represent those seeking to oppose a request modification — whether an increase, decrease or termination. Our lawyer has a wealth of experience representing clients on both sides of this issue.

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Louisiana child support guidelines are intricate and complex. In this often technical area of law, you should not attempt to navigate modification issues on your own.

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