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Interdiction in Louisiana

Providing care to a seriously ill loved one often tests the depths of a family’s emotional resources. When financial resources are also implicated, however, these financial issues often get in the way of caring for the seriously ill loved one. At the law firm of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, we can help you effectively manage these situations. We understand the legal mechanisms available to you, and we also understand how to find a fit between clients and the right legal option.

Handling Personal & Financial Affairs

In the situation involving an incapacitated loved one, for instance, we often recommend the legal option of an interdiction. An interdiction allows a power of attorney to a person who will handle personal and financial affairs for the incapacitated individual, the incapacitated individual often being an elderly parent.

In many cases, this elderly parent has become incapacitated (due to Alzheimer’s, for instance) without first establishing an effective power of attorney. Being incapacitated, the elderly parent many times cannot pay bills, manage a checkbook or make medical decisions on his or her own behalf.

These situations, of course, commonly involve heavily contested family issues. Our firm, however, has more than 20 years of experience in family law. Our experience, coupled with our philosophy of knowing our clients well enough to know their individual goals and needs, often enables us to help families address and effectively manage these conflicts.

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