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How Child Support is Calculated in Louisiana

Families that are going through a divorce are faced with many questions. And of one of the most common topics among parents is child support.

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Always Work With an Attorney When Dealing With Child Support in Louisiana

The amount of child support in Louisiana is determined based on certain guidelines that have been established in the state and takes all income into consideration. This is why working with an attorney is important, to ensure all income is reported and guidelines are being followed. The court examines the income of both parties.

Income includes:
· Wages
· Salaries,
· Commissions
· Bonuses
· Pensions
· Severance pay
· Unemployment benefits
· Insurance benefits
· Social security benefits
· Worker’s compensation benefits
· Disability insurance
· Capital gains
· Interest
· Annuities
· Trust income

Other Factors are Also Taken into Consideration When Calculating Child Support:

In Louisiana, when it comes to child support, the cost of health insurance of the child is factored in. Other expenses are also taken into consideration like any medical needs or any funding for private schooling, if the parents both agree.

How Can Child Support in Louisiana be Enforced?

There are various ways that child support is enforced in Louisiana. One of the ways is the interception of any federal or state tax refunds. Also, the interception of lottery winnings can be another way to enforce the payment of child support. If need be, the state can even suspend a driver’s license.

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