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New Option For Child Support Payments in Louisiana

Paying child support in the state of Louisiana just got easier. Parents in Louisiana who pay child support through the state’s social services department now have a new option to make their payments through. A new tool called MoneyGram, a money transfer company that’s located in 780 locations in the state including Walmart and CVS, is now available to child support payers.


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The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services announced that MoneyGram will allow parents to send payments electronically to the agency, then the agency will send the payment to the custodial parent.

The parents will be able to make payments via the website online, a smartphone app or at one of the retail locations that provides MoneyGram. The company will charge a fee of $3.99 for each transfer.

The Department of Children and Family Services oversees about 290,000 child support cases in Louisiana.

Other ways to make child support payments

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services provides several ways for parents to make child support payments.

  • Money order or cashier’s check: The money order or cashier’s check must be made payable to the Department of Children and Family Services and must include the payor’s name, address, and social security number and/or LASES number/case identifier.
  • Cash payments: Cash payments are now done through MoneyGram. Despite the $3.99 convenience fee, this method is the easiest way to make payments now. Child Support Enforcement personnel will be able to view payments on the same day they are made through MoneyGram
  • Credit card and bank accounts: Payments can be made via credit card through a company called Expert Pay. This method also requires a convenience fee.

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