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Are Prenups Easy To Get In Louisiana?

In Louisiana, a prenup is a contract a couple agrees to before getting married. It is created to divide their assets so if they end up getting a divorce, it is clear to whom the assets go to. Because the courts realize the financial impact a divorce can have on a couple, they are fairly easy to obtain.  If you’re planning on getting a prenup in Louisiana,  you should understand how they work. This article will explain what prenups cover in this state.

What Does A Prenup Cover?

In the state of Louisiana, a divorcing couple is automatically part of the legal matrimonial regime. This means that their assets are divided in accordance with Louisiana Law. If you want to ensure your assets are divided how you want them, a prenuptial agreement will do that. Couples with a prenup opt out of the legal matrimonial regime and enter into a contractual regime, making it so that their own agreement determines how assets are divided. Prenuptial agreements usually cover the following things:

  • How property is distributed if the couple gets divorced
  • What property is separate and what is shared
  • Whether the spouses will be responsible for each other’s debts
  • How to provide for children from previous relationships
  • Whether family property and heirlooms will stay in the family
  • How individual retirement assets and estate plans will be treated
  • If and how much alimony will be paid to a spouse

Who Should Have A Prenup?

It might be surprising to learn that prenups are not just for the rich.  They can be beneficial to everyone and can make things easier if a couple does end up getting divorced. While most couples don’t go into marriage expecting to use their prenup, it is still a useful precaution to take.

Getting a prenup is not difficult to do. If you’re considering one, speak to one of our lawyers today.

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