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How Can I Get My Spouse’s Visitation Time To Be Supervised?

How can I get my spouse’s visitation time to be supervised? The court will not order supervised visitation unless there has been a history of domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcohol or drug abuse or a pattern of harming the child. If you are concerned about the safety of your children when they are with the other parent, talk to your lawyer. It may be that a protection order is warranted to terminate or limit contact with your children. Alternatively, it is possible to ask the judge to consider certain court orders intended to better protect your children. Ask your attorney whether, under the facts of your case, the judge would consider any of the following court orders:

  • Supervised visits
  • Exchanges of the children in a public place
  • Parenting class for the other parent
  • Anger management or other rehabilitative program for the other parent
  • A prohibition against drinking by the other parent when with the children.

Judges have differing approaches to cases where children are at risk. Recognize that there are also often practical considerations, such as cost or the availability of people to supervise visits. Urge your attorney to advocate zealously for court orders to protect your children from harm by the other parent.

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