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Coping With Stress During The Divorce Process

Regardless of how long you have been married, when you said, “I do,” you meant it.  Like most people getting married, you planned to be a happily married couple for life.  You did not expect to be divorced.

But things happen.  Life brings change.  People change.  The goals, desires, and expectations you had when you first married may have changed.  For whatever the reason, you now find yourself considering divorce.  The emotions of divorce run from one extreme to another as you journey through the process.  You may be ready to move on with your life and feel relief.  On the other hand, you may feel emotions that are quite painful, such as anger, fear, sorrow, a deep sense of loss or failure.  These feelings are natural.  Remember, it is important to find support for coping with all these strong emotions.  Your attorney will guide you through the divorce process, however, you may need emotional support to assist you in dealing with the stress of the divorce.  Seek out your family, friends or a therapist to assist you in dealing with your emotions.

Because going through a divorce can be an emotional time, having a clear understanding of the divorce process and what to expect will help you make better decisions as you deal with your spouse, your children and your emotions.  And, when it comes to decision-making, search inside yourself to clarify your intentions and goals for the future.  Let these intentions be your guide.

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