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Four Important Steps You Must Take With Child Support and Custody Modifications

The child support and custody issues agreed upon — or court-ordered — during your divorce may require modification. As each parent moves on with their life, changes involving the child are inevitable. If you face new or unexpected changes to your income or location, a Louisiana family law attorney can help protect your best interests. 

1. Understand The Types of Life Changes That Can Affect Child Support 

A parent who experiences changes in employment and other life changes may seek to reduce the amount of child support they pay. The following examples are common reasons why a court may grant a reduction or temporary suspension of child support:

  • The parent has lost their job, lost hours, or received a pay cut.
  • The parent has had additional children since the original child support order. 

If a parent cannot find employment comparable to their prior income, their child support may become adjusted to the new and lower income.  A request for child support modification is something Betsy A. Fischer understands. Her experience on both sides of the issue — a request for or opposition against — benefits parents who seek either a temporary or a permanent modification. 

Child support modifications can sometimes include a request for increased support. An inheritance or job promotion, for example, may prompt a parent to pursue additional funds for their child. 

Modifications to child support agreements or orders are a serious matter. The outcome can significantly impact a child’s needs and well-being. If you face possible changes to your child support, or you seek changes, contact us today for help with your case. 

2. Prepare For Child Custody Modifications

The time spent with a child can greatly impact them as they share time with their parents. Therefore, a joint custody agreement or order may require modification under the following circumstances:

  • The parent becomes unfit to care for the child properly. 
  • The parent begins to abuse drugs or alcohol. 
  • Job changes or relocation require a child custody modification.
  • One parent becomes too ill to care for the child.
  • The child develops special needs that require specific care.

These are a few examples of why a child custody modification can become necessary. Life changes not only impact child support but also issues involving child custody. If you seek to change the custody agreement or order established with your divorce, Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, stands ready to assist you. 

With more than 27 years of experience in family law, Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, has the experience you need during this difficult time. Her understanding of Louisiana law and how it applies to your case is invaluable. 

Parenting is challenging enough without managing the details of your child custody modifications alone. Seek the assistance you need with this important legal matter. Let the team at Betsy A. Fischer, LLC., get started with your case today. 

3. Life Happens: Seek Help From a Louisiana Family Lawyer 

Nothing stays the same following a divorce. Changes, small or large, occur over time, impacting you and your child. Hiring a Louisiana family lawyer to help you with the changes that arise can provide you much-needed peace of mind. 

The outcome of any case is impossible to predict. However, knowing that someone is at work protecting your best interests is crucial for moving forward with your life. 

Your child’s daily needs and the demands of your busy life do not stop because of your legal challenges. Therefore, maintaining as much of a routine as possible is imperative for your child as they continue to adjust to life post-divorce

At Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, we walk you through the process and inform you of the latest developments. In addition, our experience with child support modifications and child custody issues helps us as we apply our knowledge to your specific case. 

Each family law case is different. Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, works to secure the best outcome for her clients. Throughout the process, the child’s best interests are a value she shares with the parent she represents.

4. Take Action Now Regarding Changes to Your Support or Custody Agreement

Life changes can occur quickly, leaving you confused and overwhelmed. As soon as one of the following two scenarios happens, take immediate action:

  • You decide to seek changes
  • You learn of possible changes

The faster you contact a family lawyer, the sooner they can begin to review your case. Legal matters involving children are highly emotional matters that can significantly impact your child in various ways. Taking quick action can help you develop a plan for helping your child adjust to potential, new changes. 

Louisiana laws are difficult to navigate without a law education and family court experience. Therefore, secure the available support of Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, without delay. 

If you need or suspect changes are possible to your original child support or child custody agreement or order, act quickly. Gather as much information as possible and contact us for a free case evaluation today. 

Betsy A. Fischer, LLC: Your Louisiana Family Law Attorneys For Support and Custody Matters

With a combined history of more than 50 years in law, our team understands the complexity of child support and custody cases. From collaborative agreements to court disputes, we aggressively fight for our clients. 

Protecting your child’s best interests is crucial for their future. However, life happens, resulting in changes that can affect child support and custody. If you feel stressed about possible changes due to your life changes or those of the other parent, let us help. 

Betsy A. Fischer, LLC, offers a convenient online form for more information. Potential clients may also call our office at (540) 384-7599. Our team is ready to assist you with the possible modifications to your child support and child custody agreement or order. 

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