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How much does it cost to get a divorce?

How much does it cost to get a divorce?

The cost of your divorce will depend upon many factors. It is impossible for your attorney to predict the cost of your divorce. Each divorce is unique to each couple’s situation. Some attorneys perform divorces for a flat fee, but most charge by the hour. A flat fee is a fixed amount for the legal services being provided. A flat fee is more likely to be used when there are no children of the marriage and the parties have agreed upon the division of their property and debts. Most Louisiana attorneys charge by the hour for divorces.

It is important that your discussion of the cost of your divorce begin at your first meeting with your attorney. It is customary for family law attorneys to request a retainer, also known as a fee advance or advance deposit, prior to beginning work on your case. Your attorney will ask you to replenish your retainer until your matter is completed.

Be sure to ask your attorney what portion, if any, of the retainer is refundable if you do not continue with the case or if you terminate your relationship with the attorney.

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