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St. Bernard Parish President Seeks Divorce And Protective Order

The reasons that two people file for divorce can vary greatly from one couple to the next. For the St. Bernard Parish President, the decision to get divorced was apparently caused by him fearing for his safety.

Last year, the man’s wife accused him of attacking her sexually. She eventually dropped the charges, but the relationship didn’t last. He filed for divorce in December claiming that his wife misinterpreted his actions and words. He asked for a temporary restraining order against her because he claims he feared for his well being and safety.

His wife has recently filed for a protective order against him. She claims he forced her to have sexual intercourse with him. She also states she was hit and handcuffed. The man also allegedly threatened to fire her from her St. Bernard Parish job if she didn’t lie for him or listen to him. The investigation into her allegations against the man is still ongoing. The issue hasn’t affected his performance in the operation of the parish.

Any divorce is stressful for a couple to go through. When the divorce is happening to a couple that is in the public spotlight, things can get even more difficult. For this couple, the allegations of sexual abuse are further compounding the situation.

If you are facing the need to get a divorce, you must ensure that your best interests are considered. Obtaining the assistance of a Louisiana attorney who is well versed in divorce matters can help you to make sure that your divorce is fair. If domestic violence in any capacity is part of the reason for divorce, these legal professionals can help you seek the protection necessary from the court to help you remain safe.

Source: Fox 8 WVUE New Orleans, “New details emerge in St. Bernard Parish president’s legal battle” Carolyn Scofield, Jan. 21, 2014

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