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Calculation Of Child Support In Louisiana

In a family that is intact, the income of both parents is typically used to address household and child rearing expenses. This may occur in proportion to the amount of money earned by each parent, and this concept is incorporated into the determination of child support amounts as well after the parents have divorced. Louisiana views child support as an ongoing obligation for both parents, and their children are considered to be entitled to benefit from the incomes of both parents. Further, the state does not desire to allow children to be victimized financially because of challenging family dynamics such as divorce.

Under the Incomes Shares method, support amounts are calculated and recorded on a numerical schedule for use in any given case. Based on the combined parental incomes, estimates are made of the expenditures expected in rearing a child. National averages are used to compute the amounts on the schedule, taking into account the fact that Louisiana is considered a low-income state. The adjusted gross incomes of the parents are determined, and consideration is given to additional support orders connected to other children or spouses from different unions.

A worksheet is used for computation of income, expenses, and total support obligation, which is used to calculate the percentage of support attributed to each parent. The individual who is considered the non-domiciliary parent is then responsible for paying his or her share of the support amount to the other parent. However, certain direct payments such as health insurance costs may be deducted from the scheduled child support payment.

Because a support order is set at a specific point in time, there may be changes in circumstance in the future that could affect a parent’s ability to continue paying at the same level. In such a case, it may be necessary to bring the matter back to court in order to obtain a modification.

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