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Long-Term Marriage and Gray Divorce in Louisiana: How a Lawyer Can Help

A divorce is never easy, especially when it involves a long-term marriage. While divorce rates nationwide have somewhat flattened, divorces involving couples married 20 years or longer are doubling. Commonly referred to as gray divorces, these divorces are more complex due to the property and financial assets acquired throughout the marriage. If you are seeking or experiencing a divorce after a long-term marriage, a Louisiana divorce lawyer can help protect your best interests. 

Important Considerations in a Long-Term Marriage Divorce

Several factors can contribute to a divorce in a long-term marriage. These factors can include empty-nest syndrome or simply a drifting apart in interests. In addition, proceeding with divorce requires careful consideration of property division and possibly spousal support. 

Property Division 

Years of house payments or spent building a business can result in joint property ownership. How to divide the property in a way that protects your best interests is imperative for fairness and your financial future. 

In addition to homes and businesses, other valuable assets worth consideration include:

  • Vehicles
  • Investment properties
  • Household property, such as furnishings, antiques, etc. 

Understandably, long-term marriages result in a significant accumulation of assets. However, what makes a long-term divorce challenging is the division of such assets. At Betsy L. Fisher, LLC, you can rest easier knowing that the staff has the experience necessary to develop a plan for a fair division of property in your divorce. 

You may feel an attachment to certain possessions due to sentimental reasons. Your lawyer can work with you to identify the assets of most importance to you, whether they are emotional or financial ones. 

Other Financial Assets

Building a nest egg throughout the years and saving for retirement are important steps in any marriage. However, when it comes to a gray divorce, couples must now reach an agreement about dividing these types of financial assets. 

Financial assets that play a role in a divorce include:

  • Trusts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments 

Some spouses may attempt to hide assets to protect their best interests — an illegal move under Louisiana law. If you suspect your spouse is deliberately hiding assets to prevent you from your potential share, contact Betsy L. Fisher, LLC for help. 

Spousal Support

A long-term marriage may involve a spouse who stayed home to raise children while the other spouse worked. This commitment and other types of contributions may qualify you for spousal support. 

Sometimes referred to as alimony, spousal support is a complex matter in gray divorces. However, pursuing such a matter alone can leave you without the financial resources you not only earned but deserve. 

Betsy L. Fisher, LLC has more than 27 years of experience helping clients through a divorce. If you face a divorce after 20, 30, or more years of marriage, contact us today for more information about how we can help you. 

Divorce is Stressful

No matter which partner seeks the divorce, it is a stressful and highly emotional time for everyone. Long-term marriages typically involve grown, adult children who may experience anger or disbelief over the news. 

The property division may not include child custody issues but other types of issues, like pet ownership. Deciding who gets the family dog, cat, or another type of pet can also quickly escalate into an emotional tug-of-war. 

Betsy L. Fisher, LLC works with clients to keep them informed as their divorce progresses. A qualified domestic mediator, she eases the stress for you as much as possible by handling the legal details of your case. 

You are never alone as you deal with this major life transition. Our caring staff can provide you with helpful resources for managing your stress. From your first initial contact to the finalization of your divorce, your case is in qualified and respected hands with Betsy L. Fisher, LLC. 

Congenial Can Quickly Turn Combative in a Gray Divorce

After years together, couples may jointly agree that it is time to end their marriage. When the decision is a mutual one, most times, the division of property and other details are made in a congenial and fair way. 

It does not take long for a congenial divorce to turn combative. Once the realization sets in or a certain asset becomes a contested issue, a spouse can turn angry and uncooperative. 

If your long-term marriage is heading for divorce and things are congenial now, contacting a Louisiana lawyer is still a good idea. A lawyer provides important guidance and oversight of the terms of your divorce. Then, should your relationship with your spouse turn combative, you have the protection in place you need to secure the best outcome possible. 

Get Help From a Louisiana Family Lawyer 

Ending a long-term marriage is never easy and protecting your best interests is crucial for your future. At Betsy L. Fisher, LLC, our team can put our experience and knowledge of Louisiana divorce law to work for you. 

Her experience with clients facing a gray divorce is invaluable as she helps you navigate the legal process. The end of a marriage is never easy; however, it is vitally important to protect what is fairly yours. 

Dividing property in a divorce is sometimes complicated by multiple factors. Whether you can receive spousal support is an option that is also a fairly complex process. 

In addition to your divorce, you must carry on daily tasks and duties, such as work or other commitments. Sticking with as much of a routine as possible can help ground you during this uncertain time. 

Leave the details of your gray divorce with the team at Betsy L. Fisher, LLC. The friendly staff can keep you abreast of the latest developments in your case. So start protecting your best interests by calling Betsy L. Fisher, LLC at 504-780-8232 or by contacting us online today.  

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